Date: August 1st, 5:35am


Welcome to See Sarasota.

I just resigned from my job to pursue this full time. 

I've got enough savings to last me a year or so. 

I work out of my apartment at Cimarron Lake Apartments in North Sarasota. 

The goal is to build a small website/blog/service/operation that showcases Sarasota to travelers and locals like.  

I don't intend to make a quick buck, or expand nationally, sell the business, or retire early. 

I found something I love to do, that I've been chipping away at for many years, and intent to turn into a small business that I operate for decades and decades. 

I wish to create a small following. I live on very little so I don't need a large income.


I don't intend to run Google or Facebook advertisements. 

I will go door-to-door and cold call to find a following. I also hope to generate word of mouth marketing by asking for referrals. 

Thank you,

Patrick Baynes

See Sarasota

Call or Text: 941-655-9541


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Kayaking | Car Tours | Biking | Fishing | Drone Service | Boating | Food | Horses | Jetskis


Kayaking | Kayak through the Lido Key Mangroves | 3 Hours | Scheduled

Vendor: Kayaking SRQ, a Local Kayak Vendor​

Notes: Depart from Ted Sperling Nature Preserve | Kayak with the backdrop of Lido Key and the Mangroves. Something about being on the water allows people to relax and recharge. 

To Book: Call, Email or Text Us. 

$59.00 per Adult | $49.00 per Child |


Custom Car Tour | Experience Sarasota in an Air-Conditioned SUV Ride | 3 Hours with Driver and Guide 

Vendor: Dolphin Transportation + See Sarasota

Walk on Lido Beach | Drinks at Art Ovation Rooftop | Unique Architecture | Amazing Boats and Marina Jacks | Artists and Art Galleries |

Siesta Key | Lido Key | Longboat Key | Downtown Sarasota | St Armand's Circle

$199.00 per Person (2 Person Minimum | 4 Person Maximum)





Process: Through our partners, See Sarasota offers custom bike tours. After an initial conversation, we find the itinerary that works best for you. From there we quote you a price and you will be on your way!

Vendor: Undisclosed


Contact us for pricing and more information.


Fishing | Fishing Charters for up to 6 People

Notes: We have a rolodex of fishing captains. We contact our captains, find a date and time that matches what you are looking for, and then quote you a price .


Contact us for pricing and more information. 


Drone Picture and Video Service | Capture Sarasota and surrounding areas through a Drone Service


Notes: We partner with a Drone Photography Service to create a tour/service where you direct a drone photo and video shoot. 

Note: You do not control the drone.


Vendor: Kent Shore with LSK Drones 


Siesta Key | Lido Key | Longboat Key | Downtown Sarasota | Lakewood Ranch | and More


Contact us for pricing and more information.


Boating | Prices Vary


Options: 3 Hour | 4 Hour | 6 Hour | 2.5 Hour Sunset

Vendor: Undisclosed

Sightseeing and wildlife viewing
Sandbar hopping for swimming and snorkeling.
Sunset charter to our favorite beaches and sandbars.
Tiki Bar and/or restaurant hopping.
History and architecture charters.
Designated captain (Booze cruise – BYOB)


Food Tours |


Beach Horses



Hourly Concierge Services

SARASOTA | A relaxed resort city with a Circus history.


On-Location Personal Concierge, Host, and Guide

$100.00 per hour (Sliding Scale)


| Patrick Baynes

We can organize, plan, and accompany you to the many locations around Sarasota. 

Whether you want to go Fishing, Kayaking, Boating, or many of the other things around Sarasota, a member of our Concierge Team will accompany you and make sure you are enjoying yourself.

They will provide the Concierge-Level knowledge of Sarasota.

The Concierge will: take photographs and provide oversight for your trip to Sarasota.


St. Armand's Circle | Siesta Key | Lido Key |

| Longboat Key | Downtown Sarasota | Bradenton | Lakewood Ranch 


Please let us know if you would like to Concierge Services in other parts of Florida or the United States.